Thursday, April 30, 2009

RollerCoaster World - Rollercoaster Tycoon

Park Size: 1,635,260sq.ft.
Rollercoasters: 21 (Inversions: 26)
Staff: 96
Shops/Stalls/Rides: 165

RollerCoaster World, The Leader In Thrills!

I originally posted this park back in January,
Original Post. After finishing the park I still wanted to add to it. The park is finished again, but with some changes to the Roller Coaster line-up. The park originally started with a coaster to "represent" every coaster that has operated at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Due to the limitation in the game certain coaster weren't represented well. In this update I have broken that rule, and the new creations have nothing to do with Six Flags Magic Mountain or really any other parks.

Rodent Run - Speed: 28, Time: 1:09, Length: 1,565, Color: Blue/Yellow, Type: Mouse Custom (Inspired by but nowhere near a recreation of Mountain Express)

The ride was updated with a brighter color scheme and a more family friendly lift hill.

Viper - New Paint Job To Brighten The Coaster Up

I thought about painting it Brown... Maybe Next Time.

Legend - Same Paint Update as Viper

I actually like this coaster faded more...

Predator - Speed: 43, Time: 1:15, Length: 2,464, Inversions: 0 (Loop Removed) Color: Black/Black Type: Sitdown (Stand-Up Trains Removed) (Inspired by but not a recreation of Shockwave) Status: Operating (Never operated as a Stand-Up during Predator 2's operations.

Back when it was a SBNO (Standing But Not Operating) Stand-Up Coaster.

X-Spin - Speed: 41, Time: 1:44, Length: 3,130, Color: Blood Red/Grey Type: Spin (Inspired by but nowhere near a recreation of X/X2)

This is the only Spinning coaster I've made with a steep drop. I wanted it to be intense and fast. This update features and even larger drop with a tunnel and completes it's circuit with more speed than the original design.

Mars Escape - Speed: 40, Time: 58, Length: 1,962, Color: Orange/Blood Red, Type: Family Launch (Part of the Big Update Changing Galaxy Space Port into Mars Space Port. Construction also added a new Shop and Motion Simulator Ride.)

Galaxy Space Port Before Mars Space Port Update.

Space Diver's Layout.

Speed Demon - Speed: 46, Time: 1:55, Length: 3,635, Color: Brown/Brown, Type: Wooden (Another change in the Coaster Line-Up that is more Family Friendly)

Speed Demon's Entry is located across from the Season Pass Holder side entrance.

Stealth was very out of place because of it's specific theme.

The park lost a total of 10 inversions from these updates!

Flashback before construction on the parks newest Coaster.

Flashback's queue line after construction. The old entry for Flashback is now the entry for the New Coaster.

Darkness - Speed: 67, Time: 1:10, Length: 2,277, Color: Black/Black, Type: Dive Machine

Unfortunately Darkness ruins some of the classic views in the park.

Phantom and White Water Rapids before Darkness.

That's all for this Update! I really want to keep updating this park but I'm fresh out of ideas. The park is full but no rides are permanent, so let me know if you have any ideas! I'm going to try to keep updating my Blog, but it is kind of hard to now that my laptop is messed up. Thanks for Reading and Have Fun! <- I mean Give me Money!

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