Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Failed Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip

This last Sunday we were supposed to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, but our mood was killed just miles from the park! Were heading South through the mountains just North of the park when I got a speeding ticket from an Asshole C.H.P. The flow of traffic was somewhere close to 80 MPH and this officer was parked at the top of a hill waiting for people to crest the hill at excessive speeds. Not only was this a perfect spot for him because you can't see him until it is too late, but the speed limit changes from 65 MPH to 55 MPH in that spot. The reason why he is such an Asshole is because he takes your speed and uses it against you in the 55 MPH zone. When he clocked me doing 84 MPH, it was before 55 MPH signs were posted. Because this guy is an Asshole my ticket reads 84 MPH in a 55 MPH zone! I can't argue that I wasn't speeding, but not a single car on the road was driving under 75 MPH. I in no way was driving unsafe... I wasn't riding the car ahead of me, and I use my signals when changing lanes. It really pisses me off when I get back on the freeway and see this guy in a Nissan Sentra trying to drive faster than the flow of traffic, dramatically changing lanes, and all while smoking from a glass bong sitting on his lap! Where was the Asshole then? Anyways, this totally killed our spirits. We drove up to the park, went through parking and noticed a ton of people still heading to the park. The parking lot was just past Scream!'s Cobra Roll and we decided we didn't want to wait 6 years to ride anything. I took some pictures of X2 just before we left.

I was hoping to get some shots of the fire, but of coarse, it wasn't on. We did however get one really good shot of fire on our way to the park!

As if things couldn't be worse right now, Sarah also realized that her registration was expired on her Car. For some reason the Dealer put the wrong address on her registration when she bought the car last February. We never got a notice for renewal and now it is several month late. We are also moving this month and we have a vacation to take soon as well. I don't know if money is getting tight, or we are just paranoid about it getting tight. If Sarah's car had the wrong mailing address, we might even have some unknown parking tickets or traffic light camera tickets we don't know about. When we finally got home and decided to take a break from worrying, I turn on my laptop and the display is all screwed up!

I think this is going to be the worst month ever! Figures, everything has to go wrong before we go on vacation! Thanks for reading and give me money! :)


ray said...

Bummer cody. cool blog though.

By the time we passed the fire, there was nothing left but the chassis... and a hot news lady carrying a camera.

Calicoasters said...

You should have pulled over and looked for the owners! You could have sold them a new one Ray!