Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain - 9/22/2009

Today we went to the park because Six Flags was hosting their Summer Concert Series with a live performance from Everclear. Not a band I care for at all, but it happens to be one of Sarah's favorites! We showed later in the afternoon and didn't ride many coasters. We brought our souvenir bottle with us to the park and didn't feel like paying a dollar every time we wanted to ride a coaster.

For some reason not all the rides have the same loose article policy and I was asked to carry my souvenir bottle with me on Goliath, Colossus, Riddler's Revenge, and Gold Rusher. I don't understand why it's okay on those rides, but not on Terminator Salvation The Ride, Tatsu, Batman The Ride, Scream! ect... We spent some time at guest relations filling a complaint against the locker policy and souvenir bottles. I think it's wrong to make guest carry their souvenir bottles with them on rides like Goliath because it's a safety issue, but I also think it's wrong to make them stand in long lines on a hot day without anything to drink.

Well we rode only a few coasters that day and Sarah got to see Everclear so I still consider it to be a good day.

Apperantly The Aquabats are good. I've never heard of them and if they sound anything like Everclear I'm glad we skipped them.

I can still talk Sarah on to a water ride every now and then.

Colossus looking larger than life. I can't wait to ride you Backwards again!

Still the best coaster in the park for almost 10 years!

We got some Shakes at Johnny Rockets.

I could watch this for hours!

This group was spending some serious coin trying to bomb all the Log Jammer riders!

They seriously bombed every boat for the next 45 minutes!

Maybe I should post the video!

This Cobra Roll is Depressed and Lonely! It says, "Please put me in the ride rotation program so I can go to a park that will actually give me the attention I deserve!"

Multi-Million Dollar Looping Coaster, or Moving Billboard? You be the judge.

High Speed Ninja Shot, HI-YA!

Isn't it obvious we rode Colossus several times today?

New trains 2011 - Called it!

Sarah is not the greatest singer, just listen to her Sha, la, la, la, ect... lati-da! This is Brown Eyed Girl - Everclear

We ended the night at Knott's Berry Farm for some quick Xcelerator rides! Thanks for reading and have fun!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

SeaWorld San Diego

Today Sarah and I went to SeaWorld San Diego! This is the first time I've been since age 6 and the first time period for Sarah. It was partially cloudy in the early afternoon, but the sun shined through later in the day. We saw a couple shows, a lot of animals and went on our first water coaster! Here are some our experiences I captured today...

^Sarah and I on Bayside Sky Ride. Of coarse I'm doing my fat guy pose for the camera, I've been getting better and better at that pose as the years go by ;)

This was the first thing we did at the park because we happened to be in the area. Sarah was playing "tour guide" today and she led us to the back of the park to catch a show that wasn't playing for several hours! After that I was promoted to tour guide and Sarah resigned. The Bayside Sky Ride cost $3.00 a person. I'd rather it be free, but it was still worth it.

^Not worth $3.00

^Shipwreck Rapids looked awesome, but there was no way in hell I could Sarah to ride it. FUN FACT!!! - Since We've been dating we have gone on an exciting 0 Rapids rides! Sarah hates water rides with a passion!

^The simple life.

^I've tried to get Sarah to do this in the past at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but she refused! Today she was feeling pretty lucky and finally made it happen.

Maybe she thought she needed to step it up because if my Dad could put a giant wild one on his head, then maybe she could atleast touch a barbless (Can't Sting) one.

We had to see Cirque Del La Mer.

This was by far the most exciting and entertaining attraction at SeaWorld San Diego!

^These guys displayed amazing physical strength with coreographic accuracy!

^But these clowns stole the show! :)

^This was all that was left of the little girl that went in there.

^Sarah was feeling even more lucky as she touched (more like tapped) the tip of this dolphin's nose.

^This is what $35 of food looks like a SeaWorld. My burger wasn't as good as it looked, but Sarah's sandwich and cheesecake were great!

^These _____ Dolphins were awesome!


^Shamu and friends catch some big air, but I'm not too impressed with their show. I prefer the show at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom more because it is educational and has all the stunts.

^If you can't see these penguins...

Here are these guys.

^I hope your kind is still around when I have children.

^Mankind needs to stop invading their habitat!

^I forget.

Ok, I've gone too long without mentioning a coaster on the "Coaster Blog," I give you Journey To Atlantis.

The ride had good theming in the queue line, but it kind of lacked a bit on the ride. I didn't care for the voice speaking to you on the ride. There was a message it was trying to get across, but half the time I couldn't make out the words. I thought the ride was fun and unique from all the other coasters I've been on. It was definitly a great way to cool off! Sarah and I rode it in the front row and got soaked. Sarah hates my guts now and is going to kill me in sleep for the amount of wetness she recieved while riding.

We had a blast at SeaWorld San Diego and hope to come back (When there are more coasters) Thank you for reading and have fun!