Thursday, February 26, 2009

Secret Worlds - Germany

Park Size: 476,630sq.ft.
Rollercoasters: 4 (Inversions: 12)
Staff: 50
Shops/Stalls/Rides: 72

Secret Worlds - Fun in the Past, Present, Future!

This park all started with a coaster design (As do all.) I was trying to make coasters that packed tons of inversions in a small footprint. The result was a featured coaster named, Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan (Dance On A Volcano.) I wanted to use the word Tanz (Dance) because this so layout is so compact and twisted the trains look like they are dancing down the track. Of coarse dance isn't a popular theme with thrilling Rollercoasters, that is where the Volcano part comes in play. I've never in 10 or so years of playing made an park that uses orange water, so I thought this was a good time to try it. I needed to make it in a small park so I can get away with the lack of water rides, and this was the result. Secret Worlds - Germany is much different than from my past parks because it features consistent themes. Not like my other parks where I try to keep the look very generic with occasional theme involved with a ride or coaster. I plan on making more parks like this in the future creating a Secret Worlds series. Each park will have two split themes and original coasters with names in the language that is common with it's location.

Secret Worlds Plaza

The Plaza has generic look and is very compact. The Yellow Building is a Coffee shop that also has Donuts and a bathroom. The White Building is the Coaster Gear store where you can buy Shirts and Hats that represent your favorite coasters. The Big Multi-Color Building is a massive store with Balloons, Souvenirs, and more Apparel. The Plaza Carousel is caught between the two themes with a mix of flowers, bushes, and palm trees around it.

The Sands Of Time

The Sands Of Time is mainly Egyptian themed but there some prehistoric creatures around as well. On of the first ride you will run into is Tidal Wave, a swinging ship ride the rocks back an forth on a mirage of water. Inside the massive pyramid is the Egypt Adventure In 3D show. The Yellow Building is a great place for Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Other rides are Sand Storm (Scrambled Eggs) Dune Slide (Spiral Slide) and Frieflug.

Frieflug (Free Flight) is a great family coaster, with exciting views of the park below it. Also featured in this picture the Chicken Kitchen and Snake Charmer (Gravitron) ride.

Frieflug - Speed: 19, Time 1:37, Length: 2,175, Color: White/Brown, Type: Suspended Family

Nile Water Slide is the parks only water ride. This two lane möbius water slide offers two different experiences.

In this picture you see Heat Wave (Enterprise) spinning tall, Spin Gears (Space Rings) flipping guest around, and part of Spinx Cruisers (Car Ride.) Also in the Building up top, enjoy your fresh slice of Pizza while visiting some prehistoric friends.

Here you see the full layout of Sphinx Cruisers and the Cartoon Circus behind it. Cartoon Circus is the last ride you see when leaving The Sands Of Time. Before that though, here is the coaster on the hill.

Here is Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan, the reason the whole park was created. Vulkan features a record breaking (In my RCT World) 12 inversions.

Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan - Speed: 43, Time: 1:55, Length: 4,062, Inversions: 12 (In-Line Twist, Loop, Cobra Roll, Dive Loop, In-Line Twist, Double Corkscrew, Diving Turn, Diving Turn, & Double In-Line Twist) Color: Yellow/Blood Red (Inspired by old designs I used to make called the Ninja series. Some of these coasters featured 14 inversions.)

The Lost Empire

From the Front of the park, the first rides you will run across are the Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel) the Lost Garden (Maze) and the Himmelfahrt rollercoaster.

Himmelfahrt (Journey To Heaven) is a massive coaster that can be seen from miles away. The giant hills and large helix makes this coaster a #1 for park visitors. Also in this picture is Gladiator: The Escape (Motion Simulator) hidden under the Colosseum, and Dark Village. This Ghost train features many mysterious things going on in this small Roman Village. This side of the park definitely has some evil present.

Himmelfarht - Speed: 70, Time: 2:25, Length: 5,863, Color: Baby Blue/White, Type: Steel Mega Coaster.

Here is a better view of Dark Village. The Building past it is a great place for Fish & Chips!

In this picture you see Hercules' Power Tower (Drop Tower) Evil (Inverted Ship) Colosseum Crashers (Bumpercars) and a big Dive Machine Named Fallen.

Fallen (Falling) is one of the most frightening coasters around. The drop falls down into a colosseum filled with a boiling green liquid, to complete darkness.

Fallen - Speed: 62, Time: 1:28, Length: 2,552, Color: Fusia/Yellow, Type: Dive Machine.

In the back of the park you can see the Himmelfahrt's massive helix, get some great food at the Empire Grill, or go on adventure in the Lost Empire In 3D experience. Thank you for visiting the first of the Secret Worlds parks. Hopefully I will keep it up and deliver a new one soon.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Belmont Park - San Diego

Today we didn't have all day to dedicate to a major park so we decided to keep it short and local. There are tons of things to do in the Mission Bay & Mission Beach, it is my favorite place to be San Diego. When I was in high school we used to go down to the beach or bay, and hang out in the sand and water. If that wasn't enough we would ride the Giant Dipper Rollercoaster and hang out at all the different shops and restaurants. When I first turned 21, Mission Beach was were I spent most of my night life drinking at all the different bars and clubs and getting so intoxicated night rides on the Rollercoaster. Belmont Park is not the only amusement park in the area, I'm sure everyone has heard of SeaWorld San Diego. The last time I was in the area was 4th of July 2008. We hung out at family members beach front house and ended the night with SeaWorld's Fireworks display lighting to the sky. Today the sky was covered in clouds, the perfect weather for a wooden coaster.

We didn't have much time so we purchased tickets instead of wristbands which only got us two rides on the Giant Dipper. The ride was pretty good, really smooth from the cold weather, but the ride lacks forces both negative and positive. The only thing that bothered me was the ride restraints, they lock at a really tight setting, so tight I almost didn't get to ride it. This is not for everyone, I am a big guy, tall and thick, but those who are a bit overweight will not be able to fit on this ride. In the past I fit on this ride no problem, but with work being be so limited the past two years, I've put on some weight.

One thing I thought was odd about this coaster is that the experience and forces are pretty much the same no matter where you sit on the train. A ride on the Giant Dipper cost 6$ a ride and there is no on-ride photo system, but there is a small museum for the coaster where you can purchase books, apparel, and view old pictures, facts, and history of the Rollercoaster.

Here is a look at Giant Dipper from the sidewalk along the beach.

Here is the first drop from the model inside the museum.

Here is a view from the opposite side of the model.

The original cars look a lot more comfortable.

Also a lot less safe.

And here is the on-ride video from the front seat. I should have filmed my leg being squashed by the ride restraints.

After two rides on the Giant Dipper we still had enough tickets to ride the Speedway Bumper Cars. The Speedway Bumper Cars is my favorite of the two crash into people type rides offered at the park, and I destroyed Sarah while filming it.

After that we didn't have enough tickets to ride anything worth riding so we gave our last tickets away to a small family. We spent some time down at the beach and then headed over to Roberto's for some great Mexican Food.

I've been eating Roberto's for years (Usually at 2:00 A.M.), I and highly recommend it to those visit the park or area. It is located across the street from the final turn on the Giant Dipper.

How Could you say no to those Carne Asada Fries?

After Roberto's we left the area and went to the Fashion Valley (Mall) to due some boring shopping. Next weekend we should be at Six Flags Magic Mountain, so please come back for that, Thank you for reading, and have fun!

The Pacific Ocean.

"Maybe Next Time!" - Journey To Atlantis at SeaWorld San Diego