Sunday, April 19, 2009

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Today was not exactly the great day I had in mind. Last night Sarah had a bad migraine so I left the decision up to her to go this morning. Things were already off to a bad start before we even left the house, and my first sign should have been at breakfast. Sarah and I always thought that a big meal before riding rides and coasters helped her body (and mine) fight off potential headaches/migraines. We usually go to Denny's for some kind of "slam" with eggs, pancakes, and country fried potatoes, but today Sarah just went with half a chocolate chip muffin. When we arrived at the parking lot (10:30) there were a lot of people and the weather was HOT... two things Sarah hates about theme parks. As we put on sun screen and watched the endless amount of cars pulling into the lot, she said, "Today is going to be a bad day." We skipped the first line of the day for the tram and walked up to the gate. The second set of lines were at the ticket booths and then the metal detectors. There was no line at the gate because the park had already been open for several minutes. Today was a great day for water rides, so I went into the Looney Tunes Super Store and asked for a small bag so I have protection for my phone and camera.

On our way over to Log Jammer we noticed a massive line for season pass processing (I should have taken a picture) that extended almost all the way to the Looney Tunes Super Store. I was a little surprised that Log Jammer was a walk on in this weather, but not totally surprised because I'm sure most the park's guest were at X2. Log Jammer was fun, the first half was faster than usual and we didn't get near as soaked as our previous visits.

After that we headed over to Goliath which was operating 3 trains today! We practically walked on to front row and the ride was as perfect as always. I had a little bit of a hard time with the helix but I made it through.

After that I was thinking we would ride Colossus, but Sarah wanted to get Riddler's Revenge out of the way. I'm not sure by what she meant by out of the way, maybe she thought it was a must ride for me, or she wanted to do it before it got a long line. Just minutes before we got to the park she said she didn't want to ride any coasters with inversions and I thought to myself, "Yeah Six Flags Magic Mountain is the perfect place for that with it's record breaking 35 inversions." I was willing to make that happen for her, but she is the one that wanted to ride Riddler's Revenge so I didn't complain :) The station was close to empty so we got to ride front row without waiting. Get ready for my first Riddler's Revenge complaint ever... The ride was a little rough today, it wasn't uncomfortable, but it effected how much I enjoyed the ride.

After that we went on the recently reopened Tidal Wave. I have to admit I'm not really looking forward to this ride leaving the park. It gets really hot in Valencia and I would hate to see there be less options to "cool off" on. Tidal Wave was fun, I really like the "bump" on the drop and the water rushing my face felt good on this hot day.

There is a lady somewhere in that wave :)

Our next ride was Sand Blasters. Unlike Knott's Berry Farm's Bumper Cars this one actually lasted longer than 1 minute. Maybe it's because I'm not used to driving with my left foot, but I kept having problems with my car which resulted in Sarah getting some good hits on me.

After that we went on Gold Rusher. Gold Rusher is always a fun ride and I'm looking forward to one day riding it at night!

We were ready to cool off again so we went on Jet Stream. Before we boarded I noticed there was a huge boat build up! As the operator asked us how many where in our group we decided we didn't want to get stuck on this ride for an unknown amount of time so we walked out the exit.

After that we went to check out Terminator Salvation: The Coaster construction. We couldn't really see much due to the high blue walls, so I took pictures of what I could.

Moving on we went up the hill to see Roaring Rapids still closed and Tatsu's line filling in. We continued up the mountain to Ninja. Ninja was a walk on and was the first time in a while I've been on front row. The ride was awesome and I'm glad I got a little wet a few times the ride passed under Jet Stream.

After that we headed over to Superman The Escape which was currently closed. We sat there in the shade and debated on where to eat. Sarah wanted to eat at Subway and I wanted to eat in the park. I was willing to leave the park to get Subway, but I don't even know where one is around there. At this point in the day Sarah was also ready to go home! I thought we were doing good and keeping it really easy, but I guess not. We sat there for a while resting until we decided to eat at Eduardo's Grill.

This is the second time we've had Eduardo's Grill and I think the food is good. The chips were good and the salsa actually had a little kick to it. My burrito is better than any burrito I've had at Del Taco or Taco Bell, but that's not really saying too much. I do recommend eating there, and maybe next time I will try something new. Earlier Sarah lost her hair tie on Riddler's Revenge so we needed to get another one to prevent her hair from getting tangled. We asked a manager if he knew where we could buy them and he directed us to Attitudes.

I thought it was funny that the place was called Attitudes because that is what we got from the Jewelry Vendor while we were in the store. We found an actual park employee and they told us that they didn't sell hair ties and that we could find them at Flags in the front of the park. We didn't want to go all the way to the front of the park so we headed to Colossus first. Colossus was so much fun today in the back row, we were lifted from our seats on every single drop. I was glad to see Sarah was having fun again. After we got off we walked back around for a second ride in the same seats. I'm glad that Colossus is stepping it up in the wooden coaster category while GhostRider is getting worse and worse.

After that we sat down for a bit to rest. Sarah really didn't want to be at the park anymore and I left the decision up to her to stay or go. She wanted to leave so we left... I was totally pissed off about it and getting stuck in traffic almost the whole way home did help cheer me up at all. Unfortunately I let this short trip ruin the rest of the day for us and we got in a few fights about it and many other things (I won't go into details) The good news is that I spent all today (Monday) researching migraines and what we can do together to prevent them from happening. And the really good news is that we get to try again this coming Sunday when we return to Six Flags Magic Mountain on our way home from my Uncle's 50th Birthday Party.

Yeah I know, not the "coolest" the thing of me to do, get pissed off while my girl friend's head is pounding with a migraine. Truth is, this isn't the first time this has happened and it wont be the last. It's such a huge let down from me driving over 2 hours to the park, seeing all these great coasters, not riding them, and then driving 2+ hours back home. 95% percent of our drive is on the 5 and in the near 30 visits to the park in the past 2 years we have yet to have a traffic free commute! We had a bad day and I unfortunately made it worse with my attitude, we got over it, and we now know a lot more about what we can do to prevent/manage it and we are both very much looking forward to trying it again Sunday! See you there, thanks for reading and have fun!

Today's Ride Rankings

08. Sand Blasters
07. Gold Rusher
06. Tidal Wave
05. Ninja
04. Riddler's Revenge
03. Log Jammer
02. Goliath
01. Colossus

Found Coins: 1 Dime and 6 Pennies

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