Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Failed Big Mike Road Show Attempt

So Today I went to Legoland California to once again be apart of The Big Mike Road Show! Though this time it wasn't to hang out with Big Mike, it was to get one of his extremely rare "Big Mike Road Show 2009" Stickers. Last night Big Mike posted clues to where this sticker is located at Legoland California and I thought it was too easy to find. Well the bad news is I couldn't find it!

At West Coast Bash Big Mike gave me a card and I keep it in my wallet for "Good Luck." Not only was the card not a winning card at West Coast Bash, but it also didn't help me in meeting Big Mike at Belmont Park. After not being able to find the sticker today, I'm starting to think this card isn't doing me any good! I inspected ever inch of that stroller and even the Lego figures around it, but it just isn't there anymore! I hope that it at least is in the hands of a Big Mike Road Show reader! As for the card, it will remain in my wallet until I can confirm it's bad luck.

Thanks for reading! We should be at both Six Flags Magic Mountain & Knott's Berry Farm this weekend! I'm not sure if it will be a full Knott's visit, or just a couple Xcelerator rides!

Please visit the Big Mike Road Show!


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