Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Big Mike Road Show!

"CAUSE I'VE GOT A GOLDEN TICKET!" - So last night it was back to Belmont Park! I missed Big Mike during his visit to Belmont Park (3/24/09) by minutes, but he left me a little something if I was quick. Last Night I noticed Big Mike was logged on to Theme Park Review so I waited penitently to see if he was going to make his Belmont Park Update. When he made the post I scrolled down skipping all the park update and straight to the Mikestery Treasure Hunt Clues. As soon I saw the payphone I closed my laptop and woke up Sarah.

I told her I had to leave and that I wanted to take her car because mine is low on gas. She never opened her eyes and her responses weren't really words, but she did say "No," to me taking her car. I left the room to go put on my shoes and then I went to kiss her goodbye. "Where are you going?" she asked. I explained to her the conversation we had just minutes ago, but she didn't remember a thing. I took her car anyways and was heading South on the 15. When I got to the park only the Carousel and the Giant Dipper where open. It was just after 9 o' clock and the wind was brutal today so I wasn't expecting anything to be open. I rushed over to the payphone and grabbed my very own piece of Treasure!

For Size Comparison!

Belmont Park 3/24/09

Maybe next time I will be in the seat right next to you!

Nice Guys fill up her car!

I new this card wasn't bad luck! Thank You Big Mike for giving something exciting to do at 9 A.M. (Legoland) and 9 P.M. (Belmont Park) You can keep The Big Mike Road Show away from Calicoasters, but you can't keep Calicoasters away from The Big Mike Road Show! Thank you for reading and see you all (whoever reads this thing?) at Six Flags Magic Mountain this Sunday 4/19/09. I don't care if I'm hospitalized, I will still be there :)

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