Sunday, April 12, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm

So today's big plan did not even come close to happening! We were going to arrive at Six Flags Magic Mountain at park opening and ride as much rides as we could before heading to Knott's Berry Farm. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling good today and was pretty sure I didn't want to ride any coasters. We left the house a little later than planned and headed to Denny's. After we ate I still wasn't feeling up to it so we returned home.

Also, we drove past my Dad who was on his way to Home Depot and we saw him smoking! I called my Mom and tattled on him. He is taking expensive medications to help him quit so he shouldn't be smoking.

Well I sat at home for several hours sleeping, playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, and watching a DVD. Later I decided if I feel bad and board at home, I might as well be feeling bad and having fun at a park! We got to Knott's Berry Farm around 5 P.M. and we were sad to see Xcelerator roll-back twice in a row! I was going to be so disappointed if this was another visit with the ride closed! The Park and Parking lot were packed with people so we decided to ride the Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad because it had no wait.

Today was Snoopy's Spring Safari so the ride and the rest of Camp Snoopy had some fun Safari theme all over it!

After that we walked on Montezooma's Revenge and got to ride in my favorite seat, the very back!

Maybe it was because I didn't feel good (My Stomach and Head reminded me of a Hangover) so Montezooma's Revenge kicked my butt! The ride felt too forceful to me and I started to black out on the return through the loop . But of coarse Montezooma's Revenge is still such an awesome ride and I would never think to blame it for what happened to me.

After Montezooma's Revenge we noticed Xcelerator doing test runs again, but this time they were making it over the hill! We power walked over to the ride and waited with 5 other people for the ride to open. Right as we got to the ride entry it opened and we headed straight for front row! I gotta say front row is by far my favorite seat on Xcelerator. The launch was breathtaking as usual and the air time was really good going over the main hill. Our next 2 rides on Xcelerator were both is the back row (Sarah's choice) I have to say the back row is by far the scariest seat on the ride because of the intense pull going down the twisted vertical drop!

We never waited more than 5 minutes for each ride on Xcelerator and the line never really got long so our next move didn't make much sense. We waited about 20 minutes for a ride on Boomerang which has suprised me twice in a row by how rough it really ins't! Lately I've been having problems with my massive body size especially on coasters so today I was happy to see people that have weight issues much worse than me fitting on rides. Ofcoarse, it also put a smile on my face to see other people unable to fit on rides that I (For Now) can.

We rode Boomerang in the back row and just like Montezooma's Revenge I felt like I was going to black out going through the loop on the return. After that we headed back to Xcelerator... do I really need a reason?

We rode Xcelerator twice in a row again but this time around the middle of the train. I can honestly say there isn't a bad seat on this ride, every ride on it today was just as good as the one before it!

After 5 great rides on Xcelerator Sarah wanted to get some rides in on GhostRider. I was excited about it too because the sun was going down! While waiting inline for the ride Sarah asked me how many times I wanted to ride GhostRider tonight. I told her it really depends on how good it performs! Well today's performance was... HORRIBLE! Both Sarah and I were in so much pain and we couldn't wait for GhostRider's super long layout to end! I have to say second half of the ride wasn't near as bad as the first half of the ride but the damage was already done! The only parts I enjoyed was the Pre-Lift, Lift Hill, Mid Course Brake, and Final Brake Run! This is twice in a row the ride has been unacceptably rough for me, if it happens a thrid time it will no longer hold it's position as my Favorite Wooden Coaster!

The thing that confused me the most is everyone else on the ride seemed to be having a blast! Now I feel like more of a Douche Bag for wearing a GhostRider sweatshirt at West Coast Bash. By now it was night time and we got a great night ride on Sierra Sidewinder.

I've always thought Sierra Sidewinder works great in this park because it is really thrilling and only intimidating the first time for little ones. Too bad I can't say the same for Pony Express. Pony Express is not only too short, but it's basically a coaster for kids, but they can't ride it because the height restriction is too high.

Sierra Sidewinder was great even though we really didn't spin much. We were in the last car and really it felt like we were just riding a regular coaster backwards! By now I started feeling worse and hungry so we headed over to Xcelerator for our last ride.

Xcelerator was closed again but completing it's cicuit in the test runs so by the time we got to the ride entry in reopened! Sarah wanted to get another ride in on the last row so we did that first and then another ride in the middle of the train. We debated an 8th run, but our bodies were telling us No! So we called this day a success and went home. We were only at the park for a little over 3hours, but got in much more rides than we were expecting.

Today's Ride Rankings

06. GhostRider
05. Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad
04. Boomerang
03. Sierra Sidewinder
02. Montezooma's Revenge
01. Xcelerator (7 Rides!) :)

Found Coins: 1 Penny

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