Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Belmont Park

Today I went down to Belmont Park to surprise Big Mike! I figured since he was in my backyard (San Diego) I might as well come say "Hi." The Big Mike Road Show was at Sea World San Diego for the most of the day, but scheduled to make an appearance at Belmont Park at 5 P.M. I thought the chances of Big Mike finishing Sea World earlier than expect were high, so I showed up at the park around 3:30. I wore my West Coast Bash T-shirt to stand out, and I'm glad I did because I met a group from Ohio in town. (Please Email me your names! telerockerlft@herzeleid.net) They were here for Knott's Berry Farm's Winter Coaster Solace, West Coast Bash, and to visit other California parks.

We did a couple runs on the Giant Dipper, talked about West Coast Bash, California, and Ohio coasters for a bit. I'm glad to here that they were very impressed with Six Flags Magic Mountain and the management team. It also makes me happy to hear that they really enjoyed coasters like X2 and Tatsu. I'm proud of our coasters in California (Hence the name Calicoasters) and I trust someone from Ohio would have a good taste in coasters.

Despite how often I've been running and walking I still barely fit on the Giant Dipper. Once again I ended up with bruises on my "Thunder Thighs." Some rides were easier than others, but those others were almost unbearable. I especially had a hard time when on one run they let us go twice in a row. I did a little bit of riding with a boy name Jager from the Ohio group. I think it is cool that he is half my age and has more than three times my credits (Me: 44, Jager: 155?) He told me he wished he lived in California... I told him I wish we could trade places! I would love to go to Kings Island and Cedar Point, as well as many other Mid-West parks.

The Giant Dipper was really good today, it was a bit more forceful than my last visit and wasn't really rough at all. I have been slacking on my exercise ever since West Coast Bash, but I'm sure one day my legs will be small enough to fit comfortably on this ride again. I definitely need to keep trying, I had a hard time with the Grizzly at California's Great America and decided it wasn't even worth the struggle and then again on V2: Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom wouldn't be the same if the next time I visit the park I couldn't ride V2: Vertical Velocity. I don't think I can grow anymore Vertically, but I need to work on horizontally before I really can't ride coasters anymore.

Well it was getting late, and I had a Birthday Party to get to, but still no sign of Big Mike! I waited until just after 6:00 and I couldn't wait for him anymore. It turns out, I only missed him by a few minutes! Well... It's Big Mike, he doesn't seem to take a break, so I'm sure I will see him again someday! Too my friends from Ohio, I hope you have safe travels back home, and I'm glad you enjoyed our "Calicoasters."

Thanks for reading and have fun!


Yeah so we are not going to Texas this year as planned. We still have been locally active this year:

Knott's Berry Farm 1/11
Six Flags Magic Mountain 1/17
Knott's Berry Farm 1/18
Belmont Park 2/15
Six Flags Magic Mountain & Knott's Berry Farm 3/01
Knott's Berry Farm 3/10
Six Flags Magic Mountain (West Coast Bash) 3/22
Belmont Park 3/24

What's next? We might return to Knott's Berry Farm in the next two weeks if Xcelerator is still running. Unfortunately because we are moving we probably won't be at Six Flags Magic Mountain until Media Day 5/21. In June we might be in Las Vegas to Tie... something :)

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