Sunday, March 1, 2009

Six Flags Magic Mountain & Knott's Berry Farm

Today was a long day! We left the house before seven this morning to get breakfast at Denny's. After that we were on the road to Six Flags Magic Mountain. We got to the park around 10:20, and waited with the crowd for the park to open.

Entering the Park we headed straight for Goliath. It seemed like we were the only people heading in that direction of the park, We were the first people to ride Goliath today. Goliath was perfect as usual and walking on to front seat was the icing on the cake. After our first run, we got up and relocated on the same train, this time in the back. I cannot say there is a bad seat on Goliath, but front is definitely the favorite.

After that coolness we headed over to Colossus. Last Time I rode Colossus in January the left side track was ultra smooth, and Today the right side was really good as well. We got on Colossus with no wait/people for front. After our first ride we returned to an empty station, so we stayed in our seats for round two.

Our next ride was Scream! I was really hoping that the ride would give me something good to write about since the past few months my opinion of this ride has gotten worse. We walked right on front seat and that is where we stayed for the next 10 minutes. The ride operator made several attempts to get the car out of the station, the result was about 12 feet out. We sat in front of the pre-drop/turn around for several minutes until finally we completely left the station. The ride was almost Revolution rough. I think the only reason I keep getting on this ride is for that great Zero-G-Roll. After exiting the ride an alarm was going off at the top of the lift hill.

I didn't want to risk Sarah getting sick, so we skipped Batman The Ride and headed back to the front of the park to pick up our 2009 Season Pass Value Books. Before that, we went for a quick ride on Log Jammer. Log Jammer is by far the best water ride at the park, not only did Sarah get soaked from the ride, but other guest got us wet by using the new and very ugly "Water Cannons." There were a lot of people getting season passes processed today, which is good news for the park. We didn't wait in-line, we just walked up to an employee at the desk and gave him our coupons, that made me happy.

This year we decided to make an effort to help Six Flags stay in business. Part of that effort is to get as much people as we can to come to the park with us, the other part is spend a little money each visit. Most of the merchandise doesn't excite us, so we decided to eat at least one meal inside the park each visit. Now that we got our Value Books we headed over to the new Cold Stone in the front of the park and purchased a 2009 Souvenir Bottle with a 3$ off coupon. Now that we got our big bottle of water, we headed over to the Flash Pass Center. Today was the final day of the traditional flash pass system, next week the electronic version will be ready.

I took my Flash Pass and headed over to Revolution. Today we rode it in the last seats, and the ride wasn't as bad as past rides, but still wasn't that great.

After that we headed up the mountain to use the first of our last Flash Pass on Tatsu. Tatsu was great! If I had to complain about it, it would be that the bottom of the Pretzel Loop is starting to get pretty rough. Tatsu was the first ride we went on today that actually had people around it!

A man riding next to us on Tatsu was telling his girl friend all about this giant coaster that you stand-up on in Kentucky. I kept my mouth shut, but I wanted to say, "Yeah, That's Chang! Go down the back of the mountain and you will see it's bigger brother!" After that, I was very glad to see the Sky Tower Museum was open today. Sarah and I spent some time up there looking at all the old pictures of the park, and of coarse taking pictures of the new Rollercoaster.

After that it was time to ride one of our personal favorites, Ninja. I was pleased to see Ninja running two trains, we got to solid rides in without ever getting out of the train. It felt good to fly by the shady trees and get a little wet from Jet Stream's drips. We were pressed for time, so we skipped Superman The Escape and headed down the mountain for Gold Rusher. Gold Rusher was Gold Rusher, fun wild mouse style turns, great helix, and fun layout.

Now we were hungry, and headed over to one of the three Johnny Rockets in the park. Johnny Rockets is one of the best places to eat in the park, my burger was great, and they really know how to make good onion rings.

After the feast we waited less than 5 minutes on Riddler's Revenge. Riddler's Revenge was fun and forceful, a little rough at the bottom of the first drop, but the ride was close to flawless.

The park was really clean today, and we had a great time, but we couldn't leave yet without one last ride on Viper. Viper keeps getting better and better in my opinion and it was really cool to walk in the station and see the front seat was empty. Now it was a little after 3, so we left to park and headed to Knott's Berry Farm.

Now we arrived at Knott's Berry Farm (Picture Above Is From When We Left, Not Arrived) around 4:30. The first thing that we noticed was that the park was much more crowded than Six Flags Magic Mountain. Our first ride at the park was the Sierra Sidewinder. We waited about 10 minutes for it and it was pretty good. We didn't spin as much as I wanted to up front, it seems the cars in the back spin a lot more.

Our second ride at the park is one of my favorites (Especially with Xcelerator and GhostRider closed) Montezooma's Revenge. Montezooma's Revenge was dispatching much quicker than our visits in January, we walked on this ride and didn't sit there too long before blasting out of the station.

After that, we walked right next door and road Jaguar! I was shocked to see no line for this ride, the kids love it!

By now we were getting pretty exhausted, but we kept on moving to Silver Bullet. I think at the end of the year I'm going to have to bump this rides rank up a bit now that I discovered that the back of train delivers so much more punch. Even with GhostRider and Xcelerator closed, Silver Bullet was still just a walk-on.

After that we walked by (The Love Of My Life) Xcelerator and caught a ride on Boomerang. Normally Boomerang has a pretty long line, but today we waited only 3 minutes. The ride was great and really smooth compared to past Boomerang visits, but it was hard to enjoy the ride with the lady behind us freaking out because he son's restraints weren't super tight.

After Boomerang we had the strength for one last ride, and it might be the last time we ride this ride because Sarah HATES it! On the way to Pony Express we walked by our 4th Johnny Rockets of the day and a big group of Macarena dancers.

After Pony Express we called it a day, and left the park to go home. My next post will be Sunday, March 22nd at Six Flags Magic Mountain for West Coast Bash! Until then, thanks for reading and have fun!

Today's Ride Rankings

17. Pony Express
16. Sky Tower Museum
15. Jaguar!
14. Gold Rusher
13. Scream!
12. Revolution
11. Boomerang
10. Sierra Sidewinder
09. Log Jammer
08. Montezooma's Revenge
07. Ninja
06. Silver Bullet
05. Viper
04. Tatsu
03. Colossus
02. Riddler's Revenge
01. Goliath

Found Coins: 4 Pennies at Six Flags Magic Mountain, nothing at Knott's Berry Farm

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