Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm

Today I took my 6 1/2 year old niece Morgan to Knott's Berry Farm for some Camp Snoopy action! There were a few School and Church groups there, but the park was empty! We started with Sierra Sidewinder. Last June Morgan rode Sierra Sidewinder twice but was frightened to death on both runs. This time though she was fearless and wanted to ride it over and over again.

On our first ride today we sat in forward position seats. Our second ride on Sierra Sidewinder I convinced Morgan to ride in the backwards position and on one the last cars of the train. Not only did going up the lift hill backwards scare her, but the cars in the back rotate a lot more than the front cars.

We heard a loud BOOM! from a gun shot and walked over to the Wagon Camp Theatre and watched the "Fool's Gold" Stunt Show. The show was pretty cool and funny, but I didn't care for the crack they made at Six Flags' financial situation.

After that I got my Butterfield Stagecoach Credit! Even with only one Stagecoach present at the time, the ride had no line.

After that we went on Calico Mine Ride. Last June the Calico Mine Ride and the Calico Railroad scared Morgan the most. The Calico Mine Ride scared her because it has many dark sections of the ride, and the Calico Railroad scared her because of the train robbers. Morgan also had a little bit of a hard time with the Timber Mountain Log Ride, but she promised me she wouldn't be scared today if she didn't have to ride Calico Railroad because of "robber issues."

Calico Mine Ride ended up scaring her again, but not near as bad as last time. Next up was Timber Mountain Log Ride and she took it worse than she did in June. She was full on crying this time, but she stopped when I told her this would be our last ride if she didn't stop. Of coarse when we finally made the big plunge it was no big deal, kind of like Sarah on Supreme Scream. Unfortunately Sarah is an adult so I can't make her get on it again! Morgan tried making excuses like getting wet is scary without a bathing suit, but I don't buy it!

After that we walked around looking for rides Morgan and I could ride together, but sadly she isn't tall enough for much. We end up on Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars. Bumper Cars have always been a favorite of mine, but Wheeler Dealer only last for about a minute or two.

After that we walked down the Boardwalk to Perilous Plunge. We waited about 5 minutes for the big splash, and when it came no water even touched the bridge!

After that we went on the Sky Cabin. The windows were super dirty and it ruined any possibility for a good view. But I did get to see what was going on under Xcelerator.

Our next ride was the Dragon Swing! We rode it 3 times in a row, but always in the middle of the boat. Morgan had talked about riding Dragon Swing all day, because last June Sarah and Morgan rode it more than 5 times in a row.

While riding Dragon Swing I tried to get Morgan to keeps her hands up in the air the entire ride! After that she tried it on every ride the rest of the day. Our next ride the Hat Dance. For reasons unknown to me we had to ride the Hat Dance in every color they had.

Morgan compared the Hat Dance to the Teacups at Disneyland. Hat Dance is the intense version the Teacups in her opinion.

After that we went on the Merry Go Round, where Morgan picked some kind of cat to sit on.

The next ride I let Morgan ride alone, the Rocky Road Truckin' Company. I can't stand all the horns they put on that ride, if I was the ride operator I would kill myself.

After that were took a voyage on Lucy's Tugboat. Morgan and I were the only kids with our hands up, and we got to high five the ride operator! We rode Lucy's Tugboat twice, I think it is my favorite Camp Snoopy flat ride.

After that Morgan rode 3 rides without me, Campus Bus, Timberline Twister, and Charlie Brown Speedway.

I was proud of my little coaster rider for jumping right up to front seat on the Timberline Twister. The ride looks like it has wicked ejector air on it, and after the ride she waited in the station to see if she could stay in front seat for a second ride. At that point a single tear of pride left my eye!

After those rides I joined Morgan for a ride on the Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad and Joe Cool's Gr8 Sk8. While Morgan enjoyed them both, I though Joe Cool's Gr8 Sk8 was a little painful.

After that Morgan went for a flight on the Red Baron where this litte Flying Ace never even left the ground! All of the other kids on the ride went sky high, Morgan couldn't get the controls to work!

Our last ride of the day was where we began, Sierra Sidewinder. This time Morgan even lifted a hand up while the coaster was in motion to wave at the on-ride camera! We rode the Sierra Sidewinder one more time after that bringing Morgan's "SS" count up to 6 and mine up to an unknown number.

Morgan and I both agreed Sierra Sidewinder was the best ride of the day. Thanks for Reading and Have Fun!

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