Friday, June 19, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm

Sunday, June 14th Sarah and I took Morgan to Knott's Berry Farm. The park wasn't too busy but the lines for ride we could all enjoy were too long. Morgan rode some of the smaller rides alone while Sarah and I sat there completely bored! I wished we had more people to come with us to make the day more exciting! We thought about taking Morgan to Six Flags Magic Mountain because there are more rides there for her and more rides that we can all enjoy together, but drive all the way out there didn't seem worth it. Morgan's coaster count is currently at 7 and if we take her to Six Flags Magic Mountain her count will jump to 10!

The only part of the day we all enjoyed together was Sierra Sidewinder and the "Fool's Gold" Stunt Show at the Wagon Camp. I made a "music video" for the Sierra Sidewinder that contains clips from this and previous visits.

I asked Morgan to rate the coasters she has been on and here is here list.

07. Gadget's Go Coaster - Disneyland
06. Dragon - Legoland California
05. Timberline Twister - Knott's Berry Farm
04. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disneyland
03. Matterhorn Bobsleds - Disneyland
02. Sierra Sidewinder - Knott's Berry Farm
01. Space Mountain - Disneyland

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