Monday, June 8, 2009

The Big "O" Vacation Part 2

Thursday - June 4th

A totally boring and long day of flying from San Diego to Columbus.

Part 2 - Boring Day Of Flying

We got up a little early and started packing for our trip. I even made a checklist so we didn't forget anything! We drove over to my parents' house where my Mom was waiting to take us to the airport.

Continental made our travel pleasant, the staff was very helpful and friendly. On our flight from San Diego to Houston we had a nice turkey sandwich meal and got to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The movie wasn't really that good. It was funny, but the story was really lame.

The Houston airport was pretty big, it even had a Bass Pro Shop inside! Of coarse they have plenty of Texas (Pride) T-Shirts too!

Nobody seemed to like walking either so we kept seeing little shuttle carts drive by every couple seconds.

Our flight from Houston to Columbus was hard! We were both really tired, but I can't get comfortable enough to sleep on a plane. When we arrived to Columbus we headed straight to the Budget Rental Car booth. I was a little disappointing that we ended up with a Ford Escape. I was supposed to have a compact vehicle reserved for me, but I ended up with an SUV. Though it was small I still wanted something with better gas mileage. We had a short drive to our hotel in Reynoldsburg, and when we arrived there we people standing outside on their phones and one guy was urinating on the sidewalk. The Days Inn was cheap, but not very nice! We got to our room around midnight and I struggled all night to fall asleep. There was a bar inside the hotel and some people were outside the building or outside our room. I think I got close to 2 hours of sleep that night! Not a very good start for Cedar Point the next day.

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