Monday, June 8, 2009

The Big "O" Vacation Part 5

Sunday - June 7th

We didn't do what we planned

Part 5 - Nothing!

We were supposed to go to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, but I guess we didn't feel like going. We were honestly ready to be home and back in our own bed! I'm sure we would have ended up having fun at the Zoo, but here is what we did!

We checked out of the Ghetto and had a nice fatty breakfast at the Waffel House!

Then we did some Antique Shopping! My Favorite! Yay!

Then we went to an outdoor mall but left really quick because it was too hot and boring!

Took me a minute to realize there was a car on the wall!

So we didn't really care to do anything else so we showed up several hours early for our flight!

Johnny Rockets is at the airport!

So was Paul Blart

Ate Pizza Everyday!

Got on another plane.

Finally... Home!

My New Top 10 (As Of This Exact Moment)

10. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point
09. Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
08. X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain
07. California Screamin' Disney's California Adventure
06. Riddler's Revenge - Six Flags Magic Mountain
05. Goliath - Six Flags Magic Mountain
04. Xcelerator - Knotts Berry Farm
03. Colossus (Backwards) - Six Flags Magic Mountain
02. Maverick - Cedar Point
01. Diamondback - Kings Island

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