Sunday, October 5, 2008

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Fright Fest

First off, due to the weather and the time of day we were at the park, I did not get as many pictures as I wanted. We left the house around 12:30 but due to traffic, stopping to get gas, and stopping to get Starbucks we didn't actually make to the park until 3:45-4:00.

Note: There wont be anything to smile about when taking pictures while driving gets us into an accident. But we made it...

Let me just say this now... I don't care who owns your park, if it's Six Flags, if it's Cedar Fair, every white wooden coaster needs a giant spider on it! Next time you're about to kill a spider, just think he could be a coaster enthusiast. Spiders where apperantly #1 for Fright Fest theming.

This was the first time I have ever shown up to the park without a game plan, and we started off on the better of the two log flumes, Log Jammer. Normally the wait for this ride is easily an hour and rarely 20 minutes, but due to weather and the ride was kind of taken over by a Fright Fest maze, no one was riding it. Next we went to Goliath, but skipped it due to it's line. So next on the imaginary list was the whole reason why I came... Colossus Backwards.

And one of the many reasons why this ride is so incredible are the super comfy B&M trains that previously ran the rails of my favorite defuct coaster Psyclone.

This is the only time of the year we get off Colossus and Sarah says she wants to ride it again. We rode it twice in a row in the same seats and made a (Broken) promise to go on it again later in the night. So here is an attempt to film Colossus Backwards.

Next we walked a couple feet over and went on Scream! As always the line was petite, always a good ride, but never anything memorible.

New for Fright Fest this year is "Scream on Scream!" They have loud speakers playing music in the center of the helix directly after the midcourse brakes. Not impressive in my opinion. After Scream! the rain started falling again and it was time to head indoors and get some food. The best (currently the only) place to eat and get some rest is the Mooseburger Lodge.

The food is pretty good, but the fact that it's a restaurant is the real reason why we go there. I'm sure most people were like me, I used to think I would never eat at a park's restaurant because it would be extremely over priced. The truth is, it isn't really... Both of our sandwiches were about 12$ each. That isn't much of a stretch compared to all the options outside... plus you are seated, and taken care of by staff.

Next I went to go get my Flash Pass (Included with my season pass) and Sarah didn't fight me about going on Revolution. The ride was the best I've seen in years! We were on the white & turquoise train in car 6 (I made a point to remeber it because it was almost a perfect ride.)

Now it was time to use some Flash Pass. We headed up the mountain to, "Fly at the Speed of Fear" on Tatsu. I don't know why, but they repainted the handrails. I felt like a dork for noticing it, and even more for taking a picture, and even more now for posting about it.

Anyways, besides some @$$holes trying to spit on the people below, the ride was perfect as always.

I cannot help but feel like I miss out everytime I don't get to ride Ninja, that and being in Sarah's top 10 makes it a must.

After that we walked over to Superman The Escape which surprisingly had a line coming out of the building. We skipped it without question and headed down the hill. Gold Rusher had a longer line than Colossus/Colossus Backwards, Scream!, Revolution, & Ninja! So yeah... Skipped that too. By then the Frights have begun and it was time for coasters in the dark. Batman The Ride was our first night ride and the longest I have ever waited to ride this coaster. it was Amazing! Most of the ride (After the Zero-G-Roll) was pitch black!

After that we decided that the last Flash Pass should be used for Goliath. Although riding the coaster in pitch darkness is really exciting, I must admitt I like it better with the lights on. I miss the early days when there was mist at the entrance of the tunnel. The second reason for the visit was to experience X2 in the dark, so we headed over there only to sit in a two hour line. We only stayed in line for a couple minutes before deciding we weren't ready yet. We did talk to tourist who said "They don't have nothing like this at the Six Flags in D.C." Next we went on one the many loves of my life Viper. Viper is still one of the best coasters in Magic Mountain's line up. Some people say it is rough, I think it just has that "Arrow Character." After that we went through the exit/Flash Pass line of Revolution for another ride. This time we were on the red, white, & blue train in the front. There it was, that typical violent ride that we struggle to enjoy, what made it worse was the two little girls behind us cursing up a storm and also saying stupid and ignorant words about a historical coaster. After all the abuse we returned to the mountain to ride Ninja in the darkness and see Superman The Escape's line still too long. We headed down the back to do Gold rusher and Riddler's Revenge, but first I needed something to drink. I don't know why, but Magic Mountain's staff in almost every food service area is slow! So slow you get frustrated! I couldn't imagine being a parent with hungry kids dealing with the unacceptable service. After Gold Rusher I could tell that Sarah was exhausted so we skipped Riddler's Revenge :( and decided to end with X2. The line was still the same, but this time a staff member decided a coaster enthusiast and his girlfriend shouldn't have to wait the wait. We were escorted to the station and boarded the next available train. That made the day for Sarah!

This was my third ride on the new coaster and I have yet tp see this fog! I'm starting to think it doesn't exist. There was fog all over the park for Fright Fest, so there shouldn't have been any issues preventing fog on the coaster. Our onboard sound was turned off (which made me happy, and not so much Sarah) which I think made the ride more Fright Festy.

After that went spent some money in the shops, looked at our terrible pictures taken by staff and went home.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Please leave comments! We will be at the park again next weekend. Take care and have fun!

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