Monday, September 22, 2008

Calicoasters' Blog

Welcome to my first blog. Typically my theme park adventures consist of my girlfriend and I, but every now and then I will have some family members or friends come along. Since I do not have a trip to post about, I will post some things about myself. My name is Cody, I am 24 years old and live in San Diego California. I've been really into Rollercoasters for over a decade but my passion has double since I met my "Ride Buddy"/ Girlfriend, Sarah. My favorite theme park is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Northern California, but my best riding is alway at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Due to lack of experiece, I have to say I prefer Steel over Wood.

Here are our Top Ten Steel Coasters

Me (Cody)
  1. Xcelerator @ Knott's Berry Farm
  2. Goliath @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  3. Tatsu @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  4. Riddler's Revenge @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  5. Medusa @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  6. California Screamin' @ Disney's California Adventure
  7. Batman The Ride @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  8. Desperado @ Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino
  9. Viper @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  10. Scream! @ Six Flags Magic Mountain


  1. Tatsu/Golaith @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  2. Xcelerator @ Knott's Berry Farm
  3. California Screamin' @ Disney's California Adventure
  4. Silver Bullet @ Knott's Berry Farm
  5. Invertigo @ California's Great America
  6. Ninja @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  7. Medusa @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  8. Scream! @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
  9. V2: Vertical Velocity @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

I know what you are thinking, Where is X2!? Well as much as we both love this coaster, we cant help feeling like it just isn't Top Ten worthy. Every time we ride it we are obsolutely overly excited, but slow operations, long lines, and frequent technical difficulties just seem to turn us off from this truely amazing Rollercoaster.

It will have you too looking like the entire ride!

That it is for now, thank you for reading and always have fun! My next post will be after October 5th when we enjoy the first weekend of Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Expect pictures, a trip report, and maybe some video. I leave you now with a quick 30 second video of some cool coasters in California

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