Saturday, January 17, 2009

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Today was a great day at the park, it seemed the coasters were better than ever. We started the day with a very comfortable ride on Viper in the back of the train. I don't know why, but Viper has been feeling a lot better the last couple rides.

After that we walked through the Flash Pass entry to ride Revolution. Revolution takes the cake for the roughest of the day but still is a joy to experience.

Both Viper & Revolution were walk-on, but I had to bust out Flash Pass (R.I.P.) for Tatsu. I've been riding Tatsu in the back lately and I think it is starting to grow on me. The back makes the first drop more intense, the Zero-G-Roll feel like a Zero-G-Roll, and of coarse the Pretzel Loop is amazing no matter where you sit.

Today I went to the park with my buddy Kevin, and our goal was to try and hit every coaster as fast as we could, but when I notice that the Sky Tower was open, I just had to go there. First off, Why do we have the model of Great American Scream Machine?

This model belongs somewhere else, like at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Second, Terminator goes vertical.

And could this be the location for the Ride Entry?

Sky Tower takes the cake for scariest of the day (I'm very nervous up there.) Below the tower I was glad see Ninja had returned. Even though it was only operating a single train, it was better than my last visit when it didn't even have a chain lift. I was shocked to find out it this was going to be Kevin's second time riding Ninja, we have been coming here for years, I thought he would have a lot more under his belt. I don't know if this is the same for all Suspended coasters, but Ninja is pretty ruff. The thing about it is, while it may jerk a lot, there is no influence on the body.

Today Superman The Escape was operating both sides for a while. No, the park wasn't busy, they were having problems with left, so they switched to right, then problems with right, so back to left. In all my experience, Right is usually the dominate side, but today was left's day.

I took this picture inside Superman because it is pitch black inside.

Superman The Escape was the longest wait of the day, but still only about 5 minutes. After that we headed down the mountain to ride the oldest coaster in the park Gold Rusher. I was in shock to see Gold Rusher a walk-on for right in front. Gold Rusher is really good at moving your body side to side, I would hate to ride it with a stranger.

Next up was the truely amazing Riddler's Revenge. This would have been a walk-on too, but we had to wait until staff cleaned the vomit off the station floor. Riddler's Revenge was seemed faster than usual, more forceful, and buttery smooth. I was real quick to call it the best ride of the day.

The Truth is, Riddler's Revenge was not the best ride of the day. Batman The Ride is a Rollercoaster on Overdrive, but today it showed us it can go a little bit farther. From start to finish my legs felt like there a thousand pounds, the loops were fast and aggressive, the Zero-G-Roll was a blur, the helix was epic, this ride had it going on today.

After hitting all those coasters one after another we were both get exhausted, but we still had much to do. Next up was Colossus. After Halloween had ended there was some work being done to the left side of Colossus and today I noticed all the wood track and hardware was replaced through the rides pre-lift. This took away all the bumps and made the travel a lot smoother. Well we didn't notice any other changes on the ride so I have no explanation for this, but this was by far the smoothest ride I have ever had on Colossus. No Bumps, No Jerks, Nothing! It was like a steel coaster (Not Revolution.)

Lately my opinion on Scream! has been getting more and more negative, and today didn't help it. After today I'm crowning this coaster the roughest B&M coaster I've ever been on and that's saying a lot considering Vortex and California's Great America.

I guess I'm not as young as I used to be because after all that, we were both feeling a bit under the weather and we had rehydrate and take a seat for a while. All that was left was Goliath and X2, but we were out it and took more interest into drinking fountains than coasters.

Yes, they were worth the picture. Now we were ready to get this over with and we headed over to the big butter, Goliath. Goliath is flawless, the first drop is amazing, the turn around keeps you on edge, the third hill has massive air time, and the helix is to die for. I would really like to get Kevin's Girlfriend (Katie) back out there so she can experience it (She is afraid.)

1 More to go, X2. We were distracted on the way there by Log Jammer and we decided to bomb some people.

After the long walk to X2, we decided the hour wait was not worth it, and gave Viper one last go and called it quits.

Todays Ride Rankings

12. Superman The Escape
11. Gold Rusher
10. Scream!
09. Revolution
08. Ninja
07. Sky Tower
06. Tatsu
05. Viper
04. Colossus
03. Riddler's Revenge
02. Goliath
01. Batman The Ride

Thank you for reading.

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