Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm

Hurray! Finally a park that is not Six Flags Magic Mountain!

First off, Knott's Berry Farm season pass processing sucks! We waited about 45 minutes to get our processing done and while in line we heard from regulars it has been much worse. I did like that I had the option of adding parking to my season pass for 40$ though. The other negative was my favorite coaster Xcelerator was closed.

The good news, the park was DEAD!

I have never seen GhostRider's station this empty. In fact, I'm used to waiting 2 hours to get a ride on this bad boy. I'm not very familiar with Knott's yet, so I'm kind of nervous about filming on rides. GhostRider was perfect the first ride, just a little ruff, but very fast with plenty of positive and negative forces. We rode it 2 more times after that in the back, and the ride just as fun as the front.

After all that fun we walked right on Silver Bullet. I know this might sound weird, but this coaster doesn't rank high with me because it is way too smooth. I think I expect all B&M Inverts the be as aggressive as Batman The Ride.

The ride doesn't look that smooth when watching my POV, kind of a bad video.

After that we went on the family coaster Jaguar! This has to be one the best coasters for little Kid looking to ride something a little bigger.

Jaguar! also has a great themed station temple.

Next is the always awesome Montezooma's Revenge. We rode this coaster twice in a row, and it was perfect both times, (Kind of hard for a coaster with no turns to be ruff.)

After that we rode the Sierra Sidewinder twice in row. If you think the more the spin the better the ride, ride this coaster in the last car.

To Finish off our trip we went on Boomerang. I got to say the ride was no where near as ruff as I remembered it, and it was actually pretty pleasant.

Sorry for a lame trip report, it was annoying trying to take pictures with every coaster running single train, (I didn't have the patience.) We didn't eat any food at the park, we saved our appetites for Portillo's for some amazing Chicago style hotdogs. I highly recommend Portillo's for anyone visiting Knott's or in the area.

Leaving Portillo's we noticed Xcelerator running and we had to go back and see if they might open it. Sadly, they didn't open it so we hit up Silver Bullet and GhostRider one last time.

For some reason GhostRider was extremely ruff on last ride today, no where near as fun as the 3 rides on it earlier. Even when this coaster is at it's worst, it is still the Best Wooden Coaster in California.

Hopefully I will do a much better report on my next trip to Knott's. Thanks for reading and have fun.

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