Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Motor City - Rollercoaster Tycoon

Park Size: 455,750sq.ft.
Rollercoasters: 3 (Inversions: 4)
Staff: 42
Shops/Stalls/Rides: 48
*Go-Kart Tracks: 6

Motor City, where Faster is Better.

Rocky Road - Speed: 21, Time: 49, Length: 951, Color: Black/White, Type: Kid

X-Flight - Speed: 41, Time: 1:14, Length: 2,201, Inversions: 4 (Loop, Loop, Double Corkscrew) Color: Green/White, Type: Inverted

Jet Dragster - Speed: 112, Time: 33, Length: 2,378, Color: Grey/White, Type: Air Launched (Inspired by but not a recreation of Ring°Racer. "I wanted my own speed killing, record taking, gimmick coaster." Jet Dragster is currently the fastest coaster in my RCT world.)

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