Sunday, May 17, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm

Today we had a quick, fun visit to Knott's Berry Farm. The purpose of today's visit was to upgrade our Annual Passes to Cedar Fair Platinum Passes. We entered the Pass Processing Center from inside the park to try an avoid the long line outside. We were told the upgrade would cost $35! I was shocked because It cost $150 to buy a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass Brand New... and our regular Knott's Berry Farm Passes were $90. So our total cost was $125 per pass... $25 cheaper than if we bought it brand new! I wasn't expecting it to be cheaper, Infact, when I added parking to my Knott's Berry Farm Pass in January it cost $40... $5 dollars more than the Platinum Passes we purchased today. Cedar Fair needs to fix their wacky prices. At the time (11:30) they only had one cashier so we went to ride some rides. We were told that 3 O' Clock was a good time to come back.

We walked straight through Camp Snoopy to get to Montezooma's Revenge. I was bummed to find the ride closed, but glad to see a lot of work going on around it.

We headed over to Jaguar! next. I would have been a walk on, but the staff was too busy talking about how fast their cars are to make sure riders are secure. I was a little surprise the park wasn't busy because Six Flags Magic Mountain has been really crowded for the past several weeks. I finally got to ride Jaguar! up front today... really not much of a difference though.

After that we headed over to Xcelerator. Here is a good Xcelerator hint: If you see Xcelerator running, ride it! You never know when this coaster will break down and be closed the rest of the day, so ride it when you can! The line for Xcelerator was really short, even with only one train operating. We decided to ride in the front row because it was only a 3 load wait. Sometimes it's too good to be true and we got stuck waiting for a "minor technical difficulty." Eventually it was our turn, and as usual the ride was perfect!

After that we were hungry so we headed toward the exit. We stop back into the Pass Processing Center and upgraded our passes! $70 later we have new Cedar Fair Platinum Passes!

Yeah I know, they look the same, but on the back it says "Platinum Plus," "Platinum Pass, and "Terms Of Platinum Pass Apply." After that we left the park and headed to Portillo's for some great Chicago style Hot Dogs. I don't know why anyone would eat at Knott's Berry Farm with Portillo's and Philly's Best down the street. I wouldn't recommend anything else!

When we returned to the park it was time for Silver Bullet. Silver Bullet had only a little line due to it's single train operation. We rode it in the last row because it is simply the best spot on this ride.

The ride was much better to me today, but Sarah thought it was the "same old thing." She is totally ready for some new coasters! She only has to wait 19 more days!

After that we headed over to the Timber Mountain Log Ride. This ride actually had a bit of a line, but was well worth the wait. Sarah and I rode in the front of the boat and got a decent amount of wetness. I know we make fun of the General Public all the time when they loose articles on rides, but today we had to laugh at ourselves. Sarah's hat blew right off her head during the final drop of the ride. It made for a good laugh, and don't worry, we weren't about to try and retrieve it!

Our next ride was Sierra Sidewinder. We rode it in the last car which usually spins wildly but gave us little. Sarah always appreciates the ride when it spins less, but I'm the opposite. While we were sitting on the break run a Bee landed on a girl opposite us. She had a panic attack and the be was knocked down into their car. The Bee ended up back on her leg and she freaked out again until the Bee flew away. We thought it funny, probably cause it wasn't us!

After that we were ready to go home, so we left! It was exactly 3 O' Clock when we left, but the Processing line wasn't dead like we were promised earlier.

Thank you for reading and have fun!

Also, we would have ridden GhostRider, but we are afraid of it now. I don't want to trust it just to be abused.

Today's Ride Rankings (Arrange By Sarah)

05. Jaguar!
04. Sierra Sidewinder
03. Silver Bullet
02. Timber Mountain Log Ride
01. Xcelerator

Found Coins: 1 Penny

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