Monday, December 22, 2008

Final Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Of 2008

This was our last trip of 2008, and even though it was considerably a good day, it felt unnecessary. Even though everything went by fast, it just felt a little incomplete and a little boring. I guess there are some "requirements," to having a great day at Six Flags Magic Mountain for me, and they are... Batman The Ride, Colossus, Goliath, Ninja, Riddler's Revenge, Tatsu, & Viper (Soon to be added is the greatly improved X2.) Missing out on any of these coasters takes away from the experience each.

We got to the park about around 10:30 (Opened at 10:00) and the place was dead (As predicted.) We decided it might be a great time to ride X2, but unfortunately a 20 minute line turned into a 45 minute line due to, "minor technical difficulty."

For those of you who don't know, your seat is chosen for you by a staff member on X2 and so far I have been pretty lucky with getting a lot of back seat rides (My favorite.) You can ask for the seat you desired, but in most cases (I've Seen) they make you wait a little extra for it. Today we got lucky and rode it in the front seat (Second favorite seat.) The ride was pretty close to perfect, for those who prefer a less intense ride, try to get a seat around the front of the train, also front seat is the farthest away from the fire effect :(.

After that we begin the "walk-on" Festival! After X2 we went to right next door and walked on Viper. All seats were walk on with the exception of the front, being about a 3 train wait. We picked the very last seats.

For some odd reason Viper is on a 2 month smooth streak, it is a little more rough in the back compared to front, but the G forces were more intense going through the 3 Vertical Loops, great hang time in the Batwing, and the Double Corkscrews as well.

The next coaster on our list was kind of a walk on, (We used Flash Pass) Tatsu is always a better ride in the front of the train, but we decided to give the back another chance. It was fun, I really like getting yanked down the first drop, but I would rather ride near the front of the train.

Now it was time to make up for a lost ride from our last visit and ride the big boy Goliath. How long do you think it took for us to get on it!?

It took us longer to walk through the line than to wait in the station, and finally I got to ride it up front (Last time was February.)

Because we had other stuff to do that day we didn't re-ride Goliath, or anything else. After Goliath we decided to eat some Fries!

They didn't have anything on the menu that just said French Fries, so we got the closest thing to it, Seasoned Fries. They were way too Seasoned, good thing they gave us a ton a Ketchup (Or Catsup, or Catchup, whatever you call it.)

After that is was time to ride a classic (In the last seats of coarse) Colossus.

I don't know why anyone would want to ride front, except maybe to make a video. Everything that is good about this ride, is in the back, That is why Colossus Backwards is possibly the Best coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. After that it was time to do some more bodily harm on the I can't believe how bad this coaster gets everyday ride, Scream!

Possibly the worst ride I've ever had on this coaster. It was a little ruff, but extremely shaky, to the point where it is all you can concentrate on. There still is a little evidence of it's "good 'ole days," Scream!'s Zero-G-Roll is still the best one I've ever been on. I hope they revamp this coaster next.

After that we walked on the always amazing Batman The Ride. In 2007 Sarah would always get off this ride feeling sick, so we skipped a lot. This year I kind of pretended that didn't exist and I got away with it every time but this time. I thought is was flawless as always, but she felt sick to her stomach.

We sat down for a little bit, and then we left the park. I was have to admit, I was pretty upset. We left the park with two coasters missing off my great day list, Riddler's Revenge and Ninja (Closed.) I Know what to do now for 2009, ride everything and end with Batman the Ride cause I'm not skipping it. Another thing that makes me mad is we left the park 1:30, which means we spent more time driving than riding. while this may have been the worst trip of 2008, it doesn't even come close to the worst trip of 2007.

Quick review: July 2007, Super Crowded, Several Hours, Only 3 Coasters, Colossus, Ninja, Gold Rusher.

Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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