Sunday, December 28, 2008

Annual Pass Promise

This very Merry Christmas, Sarah got me a Promise Pass to Knott's Berry Farm. Sarah has made me some awesome cards for past holidays and special events, but this year she wanted to do something a little different. We had planned on going to Knott's Berry Farm in January or February because we have good coupons for general admission tickets. I have been mentioning for a while that we should have Knott's Berry Farm Annual Passes, because we are getting tired of the 130 mile drive to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Well my wish came true this Christmas.

I know the pictures are not that great... The Front has the Knott's Berry Farm logo, my Name and "Annual Pass," my picture, and my (current) favorite Rollercoaster Xcelerator. The Back has a bar code with the Christmas date, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!, Silver Bullet background, and Park Rules And Regulations: Annual Pass Holders must frequent the park on a monthly basis. All Annual Pass guest must be accompanied by the love of their life and/or official Rollercoaster partner. All Park Events must be photographed. Guest who receive this pass must be crazy happy and madly in love with the purchaser.

The truth is, this Annual Pass Promise is not going to be keeped. Sarah gave me this season pass promise on Christmas Eve, but Christmas day my Mom gave me the real deal. We don't know what we are going to do with Sarah's last gift to me, but it better involve Rollercoasters! Thanks for reading, and I hope your holiday wishes came true.

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Tabby Kitten said...

Now I have to reinstall and oplay my copy of that game, I was very addicted to it back in the day. Love the site :)