Sunday, November 23, 2008

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Well we just got back from Six Flags Magic Mountain, and what a day! Sarah and I always enjoy the park much more when we have a first timer in our group. My best buddy Kevin and Katie joined us today.

Katie is a big time Disneyland fan and a 20 year California resident. She has known about "The Mountain," her whole life and it was time she finally experienced it for herself.

We got to the park around 1:30 and the place was a little dead. For once! We actually caught the tram without having to wait for it.

Katie voiced her opinion about not wanting to ride Goliath so we decided X2 would be a good coaster to break her fear. Today the line was about a 50 minute wait even with some delays with one of the trains. Here is a look at the view from X2's chain lift about 3/4s of the way up.

Unfortunately fire was not present to enhance our ride experience.

We all thought that would have done the trick for Katie, but she still was not ready for Goliath. Next we went on Viper. Don't know why, but it was the smoothest ride this coaster has ever performed.

Still not convinced there is nothing scarier than Goliath we headed up the mountain to Tatsu. It seems only the chain lift had heard scared, not even the massive pretzel loop could do it. Ninja had an amazingly long line so we sadly skipped it and went on Jet Stream. After that it we hit up the great Riddler's Revenge. The line was short, and the ride was great, but after is when our trip took a turn for the worst. I left my hat, sunglasses, souvenir bottle, and Kevin's sunglasses down by the lockers (Not in the lockers) before boarding Riddler's Revenge. When we returned from riding our stuff was gone. Kevin's sunglasses were $200+ and we were really upset about it. This wouldn't have happened if Six Flags Magic Mountain didn't recently enforce a strict (Nazi) locker policy where they charge people a dollar to store belongs at each major coaster. After a short argument with some staff members, we cut our losses and continued on to Batman the Ride. I don't know why, but Katie was looking forward to this coaster the entire trip (Might have something to do with a Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Farm) appreciation, but I don't know.)

I must say out of all the coasters at the Mountain, Batman the Ride gives the most consistent performance year after year.

After that little pick me up, we headed to Colossus and Scream! I think it is cool that there is still a big crowd of appreciation for a classic old wooden coaster in a park full of steel coasters. Colossus had the longer line of the two and the better ride as well.

Now it was time for the big boy... GOLIATH! Unfortunately Katie was not going to ride it and when we got in the long line, we realized either were we. The park was closing soon and on the way out I decided it would be great to ride Log Jammer. I forced the group on and we all were not expecting a night ride on log jammer to be nearly pitch black. I assured the group we wouldn't get that wet, but the truth is, we all got soaked! After that we filed a lost item form for Kevin's sunglasses and we headed back home to San Diego. Thank you for reading, and have fun!

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